Certified Organic Raw Goat Milk

Farm fresh goat milk is currently available in limited quantities, price is $5/quart plus $2 for the jar during store hours on Tuesday and Friday from 2:00-6:00 p.m. or other days when given 24 hours notice. We milk our goats once per day by hand and filter the milk before cooling it.

Why drink raw goat milk?

Here are some facts about goat milk:

  • -“Studies done at the USDA and Prairie View A&M University, link goat’s milk to an increased ability to metabolize iron and copper, especially amongst individuals with digestion and absorption limitations.”
  • -Goat milk is easier to digest because its chemical makeup is closer to that of human breast milk.
  • -Smaller fat molecules in goat milk are another factor that makes for ease of digestion.
  • -Higher in fatty acids, goat milk is made up of 35% fatty acids.
  • -“ In fact, up to 50% of people with lactose intolerance to cow’s milk find that they can easily digest goat’s milk, especially if it is raw.”
Source global healing center